Fitzpatricks Bar & Restaurant
Situated on the approach road to Carlingford entering the Cooley peninsula, this Irish pub in the ultimate sense of the word is unmissable. Apart from a quality restaurant it actually doubles as an Irish socio-cultural museum with an unmatched array of memorabilia and paraphernalia! The food is the main attraction and quality is the byword throughout. The lunchtime starters can be a simple soup at €4.50 or crab claws at €11.50, a main course Fitzpatrick burger is €12.50 or a honey and cumin monkfish is €23.95. For dinner confit of duck is €9.95 or a baked seafood chowder is €6.95, for main courses a supreme of chicken with jumbo prawns is €24.95 and a fillet of beef is €27.00, a lime and coconut parfait on desserts is €6.50. The choices all day are extensive and the temptation to stay and savour the hospitality and ambiance is hard to resist. This multi award winning operation deserves time on the visitors part to appreciate all it offers. Fresh local ingredients in season are used especially the renowned seafood from Carlingford which is just a few minutes away. The service is first class and the staff go out of their way to explain the artifacts on show as well as the dishes on the menus.